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You think your dog is special — and so do we

With the extraordinary and specialized love, care and training Brian puts into the dogs he handles it is only fitting that the same detail is put into the vehicle that transports and houses the dogs while they travel the campaign trail. The vehicle used to transport Brian’s dogs was planned and customized specifically with the dog and handler in mind.

Brian’s dogs travel in a customized United Specialties Motor Coach which sports 45 feet of space. Designed by Credit Motor Sports, this Motor Coach combines both living and working space with ample dog quarters for a comfortable, “at home” feel for both dog and handler.

An important difference between a good show dog and a great show dog is how they are treated and conditioned at home and when on the road. The happy dog is a winning dog and this style of transport, gives the dogs an “at home” feel, even while at the dog show.

See and feel the difference

This Motor Coach is equipped with state of the art climate control technology. Four air conditioning units with multiple powered air roof vents provide the right temperature for comfort regardless of the temperature outside. The dogs relax in their custom made Pro Dog Crates with the security of a Tip Temp Temperature alert system.

The Tip Temp alert system monitors the temperature in the dog quarters at all times. At any one moment, Brian can call the system for a  reading of the current temperature in the dog quarters. Most importantly, a high and low temperature is set and if the temperature falls outside these settings, the system calls the cell phones of the handler and each assistant to notify them of temperature variance.


Brian put special thought in the design of this Motor Coach as dependability of the temperature system is tantamount. To this end several safety additions were made. Both carbon monoxide and fire detectors are installed. The inverter is separate from the engine and the generator allows fans to be operational and circulate air. A motor operated air conditioning unit has been installed in the dog quarters to support the roof fans. The automatic roof vents with fans operate off the generator, inverter, and electric power, while the other unit operates off the Kenworth motor which is part of the Motor Coach chassis. Emergency vehicles utilize this type of air conditioning to ensure temperature control that is engine and not solely generator, electric, or battery dependent. Additionally, the coach is equipped with Auto Gen Start that provides reserve assurance should the generator fail.

There is also a constant video feed of the dog quarters in the Motor Coach chassis.

These are the details that make the difference and provide the confidence when an owner sends a dog on the road with Brian.

Safety is paramount

Safety and comfort while transporting your dog is paramount and Brian has designed a coach that achieves both.

Our Truck

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